Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Karl compained the title was too boring, so I'm trying this title now. Better? Not? Also, I changed some colors a bit--may need more work, tho.

The baby afghan I'm crocheting is made up of strips of alternating afghan stitch and lacy-ish stitch "squares"--I thought there were 5 "squares" per strip or panel (that's what the picture shows). BUT, on rereading the directions--after having finished 1 "complete" 5 square panel and almost finishing a second--I realized each panel is actually 7 squares. Thankfully I only have to go back to one panel and unravel the edging and just continue on the second panel I'm already working on. Not a catastrophe.

I'm almost finished with Thea's poncho--started the 4th section--and the 4th seasonal cross stitch "Welcome". (I only worked a few days last week and this.) Also have gone back to another cross stitch project I've been working on sporadically for several years.

Just finished Mel Odom's The Rover--which I had started in June before I saw him at ALA. Excellent adventure! Also finished Patricia Rice's California Girl; nice contemporary romance.

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