Friday, October 28, 2005


I finished the 4th Seasonal Welcome from Just Cross Stitch, but have to decide how to mount them now--maybe on navy, which seems to go with all the colors used. I'll have to see what's in my stash here (a lot is in storage).

Winter Welcome Closeup

Winter Welcome

Summer Welcome

Summer Welcome Closeup

Spring Welcome

Spring Welcome Closeup

Autumn Welcome Closeup

Autumn Welcome

I also finished crocheting the first two panels of the baby afghan (that I had to go back on to add more squares) and have started the third panel. I may do the embroidery on the first two before finishing the remaining panels, just to see how it will look.

Thea's poncho was mailed on Monday. I'm trying to see what yarn I have sufficient quantities of to make more ponchos, probably doing Melanie's next--but what color??? Should I do another knit one or do the crochet version??? Decisions!

I also started knitting one of the simple little purses (from our Learn-to-Knit class at the library) for Guinevere. I can do it while watching TV during commercials.

I wanted to do the Autumn cross stitch sampler like the Winter one I finished (need to mount that, too), but I don't have some of the floss and hate to buy it off-sale when I need 12 skeins. So, I'm waiting for a sale (missed the one at JoAnn's since it was only 2 days).

Recently finished reading Donna Andrews' Revenge of the Wrought Iron Flamingos--murder at a Yorktown Reenactment with lots of interesting and funny characters--and Kasey Michaels' Shall We Dance--a post-Regency romance with Princess/Queen Caroline (never crowned) as a major character, which made it a kind of sad story with wacky characters. I also finished the Mercedes Lackey/Rosemary Edghill edited collection of urban elves stories, Bedlam's Edge--very enjoyable, though the story about evil threatening New Orleans was a bit too timely.

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