Friday, January 02, 2009


Last year, the hats I'd made that no one seemed to want went to PADS--the EZ Swatch caps and a ribbed (failed Hallowig) hat. This year, I decided to take the hats and scarves and mitts I had left to the annual Christmas gift exchange/birthday-party-for-Dad at my parents. It was postponed a day from Christmas Eve (the actual birthday--88 years young) to Christmas Day because of the bad weather. [We didn't have a donation box at the library this year and I also felt I had spent too much time on some of the projects to donate them out of the family. If any had been left, I would have, though.] I laid them all out, and all were taken:
Three Tams (see entries below):
A--to youngest sister Nancy; she liked that it was big and loved the colors (actually, I think the variegated yarn originally was hers)
B--to second sister Pat; she has reported it is very warm
C--to niece Lauren; the blue looked great on her
Divine Hats:
"orchid" color--to niece Joy; the color was perfect for her
off white--to my Mom; the smaller size fit her very well
black--to sister Nancy; again she liked the larger size [it had been hidden in the pile of coats, somehow, and she was still there, so she got it]
Cabled Mitts:
off white--to sister-in-law Joyce; she wasn't there, but my brother Mark took them for her and I heard she really liked how they fit
black--to fourth sister Jeanne; she is an artist and--for now--a condo renovator, so she felt they would be very useful
blue "Road Not Taken"--to third sister Marce; kind of by default--it's what was left
off white "Holland"--I have no clue who got it, but it wasn't left when we departed.
Each of my siblings there and my parents also got one of the various dishcloths--8 in all--I'd made--"ballband", "9-Patch", and "Garterlac".

For next year I'll probably do more mitts, hats, scarves, and probably mitered hanging dish towels--or whatever. It is nice to know one's work will have a place to go.

Thursday, January 01, 2009


I finished this tam in August as part of the Ravelympics "WIPs Wrestling"--I had started it in February and got distracted. Once again, I ran out of the ombre yarn and had to use white to finish. Somehow I messed up the decreases, so I added a pom pon to hide the irregularities. It looks cute, I think.

Side view:

Top down view: