Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I'm kind of on a fingerless-glove jag right now. I made this first pair in November in 2 days. The yarn is a worsted weight acrylic, K-Mart Caron, really old. The pattern is from Crafts 'n Things, April, 2008. They looked easy and fast and weren't made with size 0 needles.
Here's what the backs look like:

Here's a palm side and a back side:

Here's one on my hand--a bit snug, but still comfy:

I made the pattern again in black on larger needles with Red Heart Super Saver:
Here's the pair:

Here is one on my hand--not as snug, but still comfy:

I gave them away at Christmas and more people wanted them, so I'll make more, though not necessarily the same pattern.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I've been knitting and crocheting quite a bit lately. This pattern I discovered through my daughter Karin's Ravelry page. she had made one and it looked cute and easy. It was easy--once I re-educated myself on how to do front and back posts--and they went very quickly. The design is from Rheatheylia. The first one I made from a very soft yarn using the recommended size K and I hooks; The only modifications I made were to only do 6 instead of 7 of the 4dc rows--no need to fold back the ribbing--and use hdc instead of sc for the transition to "ribbing"--it was easier to find the "posts".

The second one was made using a heavier off-white yarn and I tried smaller hooks--J and H--so needed to do the 7th 4dc row.

The third was made using black I Love That Yarn, though I had started it with the heavier Red Heart Super Saver and frogged it as being too bulky. This one is for me, and I used the K and I hooks and 6 rows of 4dc. I started this on Sunday, did a lot while sitting in the Social Security Office on Monday, and finished the last 2 rows on Tuesday.

Monday, November 24, 2008


I made two versions of the Skull Isle Hat from Son of Stitch 'n Bitch in October. I was trying to make them for my little grandsons, but the first was way too small for anyone.

It didn't even fit baby Tegan

(though Andrew really liked it anyhow).

The second (made while we were visiting in mid-October) fit both Andrew and Daniel, though rather snugly. [Looks like I skipped a row of the pattern, somehow.]

I started a third, slightly larger version, which will probably go went to Daniel (finished before Thanksgiving). I don't have pictures of him wearing it yet, so the pictures are of me wearing it--a bit snug, though. Anne did say he wears it all the time.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I was hoping to finish this for the Fair this year... anyway, It's done now. The pattern is in Crafts 'n Things, October, 2003, and designed by Barbara Swanson. The pumpkin is really oranger.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


On my feet, but really, too small:

Summer of Socks 2008 has ended. I finished one pair of adult socks a day before the final deadline. I used Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's basic sock pattern, Magic Stripes "Denim stripes" sock yarn (now discontinued), and size 0 double-pointed needles (one sock) plus size 1 circular needles (the second sock).

Sunday, August 24, 2008


As part of Summer of Socks 08, there was a "Socks on Vacation" competition. I signed up for it, and (while in Tucson and Phoenix) took some pictures of my only SOS08 completed sock having a good time visiting the sights. We were supposed to submit a single picture by Monday, August 18, and the resulting collection of entries would be then voted on. We got home in mid-afternoon and I rushed to the computer to upload and format a suitable picture and send it off to the moderator. Unfortunately, though I saved it as a jpeg and sent it as an attachment, she apparently received it as an "ink" and could not upload it. [I was using Opera as my browser and I should have tried Mozilla, I realize now]. I was (and still am) crushed--I think I had a really good picture to submit. Disqualified by technical difficulties! There was no time to try something different. Maybe next year.

Here are the pictures I took of SOCK ON VACATION:
Sock outside Colossal Cave near Tucson [Sock bunny-eared by my oldest grandchild, Rachel]--this was the one I submitted:

Sock IN Colossal Cave:

Sock at the Phoenix Airport:

Sock at the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson:

Sock on Rachel's ballerina-pointed foot (it was really too small for her):


Ravelympics ended today at 10:59 a.m., DST. I had entered 10 potential medal winners, but only crossed the Finish Line for 6. I ran out of time, so 4 entries were DNF.

WIPS Wrestling: 2 medals, 1 DNF (1 each for Team Chicago and Team Illinois)
Sock Put: both entries DNF
Scarf Stroke: 2 medals (both for Team Illinois) and 1 DNF
Homeandstuff Hammerthrow: 2 medals (1 each for Team Illinois and Team Chicago)

Now I have to finish my SummerofSocks 2008 entries--1 week to go.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Glutton for punishment--that's me! I signed up for The Ravelympics on Ravelry--a challenge to do projects during the Beijing Olympics. For most of the events, you cannot cast on until the Opening Ceremonies and you must finish by the time the torch is put out at the Closing ceremonies. The only exception is the event called WIPs Wrestling which is to finish projects that need finishing, but that have not been worked on recently (since mid-July, at least). I'm on two teams--Team Chicago and Team Illinois and have signed up for 5 projects each--10 in all. Some of this time will be spent traveling to Phoenix/Tucson so I took into account plane/terminal time.

My events are:
WIPs Wrestling--3 projects
Sock Put--2 projects
Scarf Stroke--3 projects
Home-stuff Hammerthrow--2 projects (dishcloths)

I'm currently trying to finish some other projects--my first pair of socks for SOS'08 (I'm closing in on the toe decreases on the first sock), an EZ Surplice Sweater (only buttons left to attach) and a Mystery Blanket (needs edging and it looks like it will be I-cord) for Baby River, and adding the real edging to the Heirloom Pineapple Afghan (this one can wait).

I'm in training now [gathering materials, etc.].

My daughter Karin is also participating for Team Seattle.

Monday, July 21, 2008


I had entered 18 craft and needlework projects in the Kane County Fair this year, but only completed 15 in time. In fact, I was sewing the strips together for the afghan on the way to the fairgrounds on Tuesday, and crocheting a temporary edging for the top and bottom as well. I finished a few miles from the fair site. Here are pictures of the finished entries with their corresponding ribbons (all items won something):
Tam A (see February 11 entry below):

Tie-Dye t-shirt (this year's project done at the Library):


Welcome Door hanging--plastic canvas Craft Group project:

Pineapple Afghan from 50 Sensational Crochet Afghans and Throws

Closeup of pattern

Christmas ornament--quilled angel from Quill-a-Way Christmas leaflet:

Magnetic Fridgie--Shoo Fly quilt block:

Beaded Snowflake Earrings from All Info about Jewelrymaking:

String Art Greeting Card:

Knit Vest--Rick Mandragon's Bias Knit Vest pattern (Knitting Universe):

Christmas ornament--Bargello needlepoint

Christmas ornament--beaded from Mill Hill kit:

Needlepoint picture--"counted canvas" from Cross Stitcher, June, 2006:

Christmas wall hanging:

Christmas ornament--crocheted snowflake:

Christmas ornament--cross stitch patchwork heart:


I finally cast on for my first Summer of Socks '08 project on Sunday night. My original plan was to use 2 circulars, but one of them is currently in use for a baby sweater. I had a set of 5 size 0's double pointed, so I'm using them. I am finding I like 5 easier than 4. The pattern is Yarn Harlot's basic sock pattern and the yarn is Lion Brand's Magic Stripes "Denim Stripe"

Friday, June 27, 2008


I signed up for Summer of Socks 2008 on Ravelry, hoping to force myself to make a real pair of socks.  Eligible socks were to be cast on no earlier than Saturday, June 21.  However, I still haven't started.  One reason is that Fair entries will have to be priority until mid July.  Then, too, I will need to use my size 0's and and one of my circulars is being used to make a sweater for Baby River--still awaiting his arrival.  I may cast on just to cast on, but I'll have to use (gasp!) double-pointed needles (!).  [I'm trembling.]

 I'm also reading overdue books and books for Summer Reading at 3 libraries, learning how to make computer games using Game Maker and Scratch (for a potential teen program at the library), and working more hours.  AND, our air conditioning is still non-functional (all the coolant had leaked out and the "hole" is still present and possibly not fixable).

I did roll up my yarn--Magic Stripes' "Denim Stripes"--into 2 balls.

We sent in our Kane County Fair entry forms today.  I listed 18 crafts and 17 food entries.  We'll see what I get done by July 15.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Wendy Johnson has set up a challenge contest asking that commenters to her blog write a haiku about summer.  [She had 428 comments as of today!]  The one I submitted was this:

Black monsoon curtains
dust devils spin to escape
enfolded, drenched, gone

Some of the others I came up with were:

Dust devils race by
black monsoon curtains roll down

Dervish dust devils
black monsoon curtains race them
obliterate all

Promise of summer
warm fragrant breezes caress
strawberry flowers

For some reason, I forgot 5-7-5 and did some 3-7-3 and 3-7-4, etc.:
Deadline looms
fair entries still not finished
weave in ends

County Fair
dust heat racing pigs 4H
blue ribbons

Every time I visit
Tucson monsoon rains pour down
still too hot

tie-dyed hands recording sheets

Monsoon rains
eradicating dust devils
withering thirsty still

tie-dyed t-shirt time again
where's my prize?

Obviously, I won't be publishing a book of poetry anytime soon.  It was fun,though.

Friday, April 04, 2008


I actually finished this one in less than one week in February.  I ran out of the ombre yarn and had to finish with a blue that was very close.  Still not  as tam-ish as I had expected.  Pretty, though.

Side view

Top view:

The ombre yarn--greens, blues, purples

Worn with ribbing rolled up

Inside the tam (neat, huh?):

Worn as a tam (sort of):

 I started Tam C, but got bogged down in the currogated ribbing--tedious.