Sunday, October 16, 2005


Just finished Odom's The Destruction of the Books--chock full of action (unfortunately of the kind to make a librarian of any time period shudder). It's another book I can barely wait to read the sequel to--like the next Harry Potter; fortunately I will only have to wait a week or two (I have a "Hold" on it) instead of a year.

The other book I finished was Elizabeth Thornton's The Marriage Trap, a well-done Historical Romance. She's one of the authors I look for.

I started Joanna Lindsey's Marriage Most Scandalous, but did not like the characters, so I didn't read beyond the first 3 chapters.

Still working on my 4 projects. I'm ready to do the neck for Thea's poncho.

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Graham Jones said...

That brings back memories..