Friday, June 27, 2008


I signed up for Summer of Socks 2008 on Ravelry, hoping to force myself to make a real pair of socks.  Eligible socks were to be cast on no earlier than Saturday, June 21.  However, I still haven't started.  One reason is that Fair entries will have to be priority until mid July.  Then, too, I will need to use my size 0's and and one of my circulars is being used to make a sweater for Baby River--still awaiting his arrival.  I may cast on just to cast on, but I'll have to use (gasp!) double-pointed needles (!).  [I'm trembling.]

 I'm also reading overdue books and books for Summer Reading at 3 libraries, learning how to make computer games using Game Maker and Scratch (for a potential teen program at the library), and working more hours.  AND, our air conditioning is still non-functional (all the coolant had leaked out and the "hole" is still present and possibly not fixable).

I did roll up my yarn--Magic Stripes' "Denim Stripes"--into 2 balls.

We sent in our Kane County Fair entry forms today.  I listed 18 crafts and 17 food entries.  We'll see what I get done by July 15.