Saturday, September 01, 2012


This time I used I Love This Wool in "cream". I made a long skein, then tied yarn around a whole section or around just a few strands at a time, kind of randomly.
I did a first dyeing with Peach Mango Kool Aid.
Then I undid some ties and retied or added other ties and dyed the skein again with orange Kool Aid.
For the third dye bath, I redid it again only using Wilton's copper and brown. The color didn't change enough, though, so I did a fourth round (retying etc.) with Wilton's Kelly Green.
I was trying for sort of flecks of lighter colors and I think I succeeded. To me it looks like fireflies or sunlight filtering through tree branches on a leaf covered forest floor. It, too, will probably become a hat (or a scarf).