Sunday, August 24, 2008


As part of Summer of Socks 08, there was a "Socks on Vacation" competition. I signed up for it, and (while in Tucson and Phoenix) took some pictures of my only SOS08 completed sock having a good time visiting the sights. We were supposed to submit a single picture by Monday, August 18, and the resulting collection of entries would be then voted on. We got home in mid-afternoon and I rushed to the computer to upload and format a suitable picture and send it off to the moderator. Unfortunately, though I saved it as a jpeg and sent it as an attachment, she apparently received it as an "ink" and could not upload it. [I was using Opera as my browser and I should have tried Mozilla, I realize now]. I was (and still am) crushed--I think I had a really good picture to submit. Disqualified by technical difficulties! There was no time to try something different. Maybe next year.

Here are the pictures I took of SOCK ON VACATION:
Sock outside Colossal Cave near Tucson [Sock bunny-eared by my oldest grandchild, Rachel]--this was the one I submitted:

Sock IN Colossal Cave:

Sock at the Phoenix Airport:

Sock at the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson:

Sock on Rachel's ballerina-pointed foot (it was really too small for her):


Ravelympics ended today at 10:59 a.m., DST. I had entered 10 potential medal winners, but only crossed the Finish Line for 6. I ran out of time, so 4 entries were DNF.

WIPS Wrestling: 2 medals, 1 DNF (1 each for Team Chicago and Team Illinois)
Sock Put: both entries DNF
Scarf Stroke: 2 medals (both for Team Illinois) and 1 DNF
Homeandstuff Hammerthrow: 2 medals (1 each for Team Illinois and Team Chicago)

Now I have to finish my SummerofSocks 2008 entries--1 week to go.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Glutton for punishment--that's me! I signed up for The Ravelympics on Ravelry--a challenge to do projects during the Beijing Olympics. For most of the events, you cannot cast on until the Opening Ceremonies and you must finish by the time the torch is put out at the Closing ceremonies. The only exception is the event called WIPs Wrestling which is to finish projects that need finishing, but that have not been worked on recently (since mid-July, at least). I'm on two teams--Team Chicago and Team Illinois and have signed up for 5 projects each--10 in all. Some of this time will be spent traveling to Phoenix/Tucson so I took into account plane/terminal time.

My events are:
WIPs Wrestling--3 projects
Sock Put--2 projects
Scarf Stroke--3 projects
Home-stuff Hammerthrow--2 projects (dishcloths)

I'm currently trying to finish some other projects--my first pair of socks for SOS'08 (I'm closing in on the toe decreases on the first sock), an EZ Surplice Sweater (only buttons left to attach) and a Mystery Blanket (needs edging and it looks like it will be I-cord) for Baby River, and adding the real edging to the Heirloom Pineapple Afghan (this one can wait).

I'm in training now [gathering materials, etc.].

My daughter Karin is also participating for Team Seattle.