Sunday, November 11, 2012

MMario Autumnal 2012 Mystery Shawl KAL

I finished my shawl on Thursday and blocked it yesterday. This is the first MMario Mystery shawl I've finished (I still have 5 in progress)! I used a size 8 circular needle and the yarn from a recycled thrift-shop sweater--a wool medium v-neck, sport/dk weight.
There were 6 clues for six weeks starting the Labor Day weekend. The idea was a "Make Your Own Recipe Pi Shawl". It could be a full circle, a 3/4 circle or a half circle. I chose to do a 3/4 circle. Suggestions for lace patterns were presented and they could be combined or used as is. Everyone did the ist week's pattern the same, but then the selections available meant everyone's is different. Beads were optional. I like beads, so I used them. Clue 1:
Clue 2: Helix
Clue 3: Balanced Bruce
Clue 4: Mrs. Montegue and Lesser Montegue
Clue 5: "K" and "L", split
Clue 6: 6 rows of "Q"--ran out of yarn.
It is HUGE, with the radius 38-40". It didn't fit completely on our double bed, so part was blocked over the edge. Unblocked
If I'd completely finished clue 6, it would probably been a foot bigger. I love it.