Sunday, August 24, 2008


As part of Summer of Socks 08, there was a "Socks on Vacation" competition. I signed up for it, and (while in Tucson and Phoenix) took some pictures of my only SOS08 completed sock having a good time visiting the sights. We were supposed to submit a single picture by Monday, August 18, and the resulting collection of entries would be then voted on. We got home in mid-afternoon and I rushed to the computer to upload and format a suitable picture and send it off to the moderator. Unfortunately, though I saved it as a jpeg and sent it as an attachment, she apparently received it as an "ink" and could not upload it. [I was using Opera as my browser and I should have tried Mozilla, I realize now]. I was (and still am) crushed--I think I had a really good picture to submit. Disqualified by technical difficulties! There was no time to try something different. Maybe next year.

Here are the pictures I took of SOCK ON VACATION:
Sock outside Colossal Cave near Tucson [Sock bunny-eared by my oldest grandchild, Rachel]--this was the one I submitted:

Sock IN Colossal Cave:

Sock at the Phoenix Airport:

Sock at the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson:

Sock on Rachel's ballerina-pointed foot (it was really too small for her):

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