Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I'm kind of on a fingerless-glove jag right now. I made this first pair in November in 2 days. The yarn is a worsted weight acrylic, K-Mart Caron, really old. The pattern is from Crafts 'n Things, April, 2008. They looked easy and fast and weren't made with size 0 needles.
Here's what the backs look like:

Here's a palm side and a back side:

Here's one on my hand--a bit snug, but still comfy:

I made the pattern again in black on larger needles with Red Heart Super Saver:
Here's the pair:

Here is one on my hand--not as snug, but still comfy:

I gave them away at Christmas and more people wanted them, so I'll make more, though not necessarily the same pattern.

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